Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, August 16, 2009

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

We took us a nice sunday morning walk for coffee and nosh and even though it was only a few blocks, Olive likes to take advantage of any rest stops along the way....

Goober was going CRAZY at her pal Baxter's birthday party for Hope's doggies!

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She seems a little distressed about the pinata's fate but she was really into scooping up the candy. She sat in the dirt gathering up dirty candy long after everyone else!


Here we are strolling the grounds of the Norton Simon Museum. Later she fell out of the chair she was sitting in into the only puddle in the place!

Halloween at Jenny's!

squirrel vs. bunny

Sunday, May 18, 2008

turn on the water works!

Here's another day at Huntington gardens!

We spent some time with beautiful Hana Lily...
Here's Hana with her super lovely momma, Cookie! Hana does a constant switcheroo between looking exactly like her daddy and looking exactly like her momma! Here I think she looks like daddy Christian.Olive went way crazy ape on the water pots this time! Every few minutes a bit of water squirts up and into the pot and goober just loved standing right where the water came out. She got soaked! She was dripping wet but having so much fun! I felt like some of the other moms were giving me some dissaproving looks since it was actually kind of overcast that day but I swear it wasn't cold at all and how could I stop the party fun times she was having? Cookie was sitting outside the area with Hana and could hear my loud cackling laughter...

You can kinda see in the picture how the water level was going down with all her splashing.

I didn't get super great pix of it but right now the roses in the Shakespeare garden are in bloom and overboard with color! The smell of all the roses is really gorgeous as well. It was really fabulous. I recommend a trip.

She can finally ride her Rody! I sorta have to be nearby since she is a bit wobbly.
Just trucking around the 'hood.
Her feet get really happy and move constantly when she's eating something she likes (which is pretty much everything).
She can't wait to join the 4 eyes club! All the cool kids are in it....